The Rotary Club of Mount Martha has partnered with the seven Rotary Clubs of the Mornington Peninsula and The Mornington Peninsula Shire to develop community infrastructure and amenity along existing paths that form the Bay Trail.
Our club is focused on developing the Harrap Creek Trail from the Briars to Craigie Road. This will mean that when the already funded Mornington to Moorooduc trail is complete, recreational cyclists will be able ride from existing city trails to the mouth of the Balcombe Creek in Mount Martha.
The Harrap Creek Trail is directly connected to the Briars and Balcombe Creek boardwalk which was constructed by the Rotary Club of Mount Martha in the 1990’s and 2000’s.
The existing Harrap Creek trail has no community infrastructure other than some graded gravel paths. The club’s vision is to see vibrant community infrastructure and amenity along the Harrap Creek trail and parkland that engages the community to use and care for the land.
Our plan is to provide for separate paths for walkers and cyclists; community seating; interpretive displays of local and aboriginal history, flora and fauna; and shelters and picnic facilities at the Craigie Road end of the trail.
  • What are key project activities and outcomes?
The club has developed a five-year plan to improve the community infrastructure and amenity along the Harrap Creek trail. For stage 1 we have budgeted $12,000 to provide introductory signage at either end of the trail and up to four areas where community seating will be provided, consistent with Shire guidelines. Our grant application is for $9,000 to be coupled with $3,000 from the club to complete stage 1 of the project.
  • Project benefits
The Harrap Creek path runs from the Mornington Recreation Centre to the Briars. Where there is housing development the quality of the path is excellent.
Once walkers and cyclists cross Craigie Rd, the track is of varied quality. The Rotary Club of Mount Martha knows from its experience with the Balcombe Creek boardwalk that once facilities are improved, local people and visitors will use the trail. Our plan to provide seating and signing will improve access to all people to walk and ride the trails. Improved patronage will drive community engagement and with the support of the Rotary Club and the Shire the demand for improved facilities and amenity.
  • Project supports and encourages local community participation and delivers social benefits to the local community.
The project is designed to drive community engagement with the land and the environment. The social benefits we are seeking are:
  1.      Environmental: The forming of a locally based community group supported by the Rotary club to undertake environmental projects around the creek, such as rubbish removal and restoration of natural flora and fauna.
  2.      Engagement with Osborne Primary School to assist with the development of interesting factual information for the interpretive displays and signage to promote the role of Rotary.
  3.      Engagement with the Bunurong land Council to provide an indigenous perspective on the land.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The area around the Harrap Creek is close to nearby Retirement/Aged Care facilities currently under construction in Craigie Rd. With the increased population around the area the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment with safe paths to walk and cycle will be well appreciated.